It was always my dream to travel the world and I wanted to do something useful while doing so. I signed up to learn to be a TEFL teacher in Spain with Dylan and it opened a whole new world.

Skyla Rabadi

Dylan Gates is not only a professional, experienced and highly accomplished teacher trainer, but he is also one of the sole reasons why our TESOL course was a resounding success. Dylan has the innate ability to impart sound knowledge and guidance whilst simultaneously giving his pupils room to explore and develop their own ideas and skill sets. Since training with Dylan I have had the professional confidence to pursue a successful career in teaching. I would most certainly recommend Dylan as both a trainer and as a mentor for anyone wishing to start or develop their teaching career.


Dylan is one of the most extraordinary educators I have met throughout my career. At our first encounter I had already been an qualified, experienced teacher who thought he knew it all. Dylan quickly made me realise that becoming an accomplished teacher was yet a goal to achieve. He has always demonstrated a great level of professionalism towards his colleagues and students alike. In the classroom he is reserved and is perfectly in control of whatever is going on, being it teaching the language or training teachers. His experience and knowledge as an English teacher did not only help my to be better as an English teacher but has also inspired me to further my education and to try myself out in different levels and fields of English teaching, in which I could also rely on him. If you are looking for someone with great knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching, who has genuine interest in learners and learning, Dylan is your man.

Mate Varadi

I couldn´t have imagined a better guide into the profession I now like so much. Dylan was the lead teacher-trainer during my 4-week intensive TEFL course in Granada in 2010. This particular course must have been extra intense for Dylan, since he had to do most of it alone due to the last-minute absence of the other teacher-trainer. Even under these circumstances, Dylan gave all his attention and patience to every one of his students. We never even noticed that it was supposed to be a two-person job. He shared his valuable knowledge and experience in such a personal manner that it gave me a lot of confidence going into my first classes. Dylan had, without a doubt, a great impact in my development as a teacher and on my career in education. Besides all the above, he is a great person and I would fully recommend taking the opportunity to learn from him.

Benny Voncken

The four-week intensive TEFL course has taken me from a complete novice to feeling able and confident to step into a classroom as a TEFL teacher. Before the course, I had never taught English before and was quite apprehensive. Under the very experienced guidance and tutorage of the Teach English Spain team (Dylan and Ruth) my knowledge of the English language and classroom management has developed considerably. We were teaching real students from the end of the first week and given regular and constructive feedback throughout. Overall the course was well organised and has been invaluable to my learning and development as an effective and confident TEFL teacher.

Robert Pearce

Dylan was a positive and enthusiastic trainer who made me feel confident in my teaching ability. His encouragement helped me achieve a strong pass and his calming demeanour made me feel relaxed throughout the course.

Vicky MacKeller

A really practical course, based on the real needs of a classroom. I wish I had done this course before. All the previous courses I did paid too much attention to theory. However, this TEFL course did not. Dylan is a great trainer. His experience and his knowledge are immense. Thank you Dylan for helping me so much. Without doubt, you have helped me become a better teacher.

Laura Ruiz

Dylan is a wonderful teacher and leader; he is organized, encouraging, engaging…For me, I was really nervous at the beginning, but TEFL prepared me to be a teacher, because of the tremendous amount of feedback offered. I gained confidence.

Emily Ann Petrik

The training I received from Dylan was superb has carried me well beyond my time as an English teacher in Spain. As a graduate student teaching assistant for language instruction at UCLA, I still refer back to the TEFL materials that Dylan created when I’m looking for lesson inspiration, pedagogical support, or even little reminders about how to be a fun and effective instructor. Dylan provides a priceless service for anyone looking to go into teaching, whether for a few years or as a lifelong career!

Jade Marshall

The best thing about the 4 week intensive TEFL course with Ruth and Dylan at Teach English Spain was the opportunity to start teaching classes in the very first week. The hands-on course was challenging but rewarding. I learnt invaluable teaching techniques and now have the confidence to teach English anywhere in the world. I would definitely recommend it!

Franny D. Brogan

I had the absolute pleasure of being taught by Dylan on the Teaching Business English Course. I was immensely impressed with Dylan’s teaching skills and passion for his work. Dylan possesses an exceptionally professional manner and sense of enthusiasm for all he does. He inspired me from the second I met him and has since been mentioned in many teaching circles as an expert in his field. I can honestly say that I would take any course that Dylan would be teaching on as I feel he has a wealth of experience and expertise.

Tara Tye

I just want to say an enormous thank you Dylan for all your amazing lessons in Granada, Spain. I learnt so much under your expert guidance and I am now in the process of opening my own English Academy in Spain. I would highly recommend Teach English Spain to anyone. It was an unforgettable experience, both culturally and academically.

Heather Brady

If you are looking to do your TEFL course in Spain I would definitely recommend choosing Ruth and Dylan to be your trainers. Not only do they have many years of experience between them of teaching EFL and training teachers their attitude and support for you to succeed is second to none.
The course is very intense so you have to work hard and put in the time but equally, your trainers do the same. I am grateful for their help and guidance throughout and especially me being an older member of the class I was never made to feel any different. Thanks guys for your continuous support.

Esme Fegan

I studied in one of Dylan’s TEFL training courses in Granada in 2009. It was a superb experience and equipped me for all of the challenges that lay ahead. I have been teaching in the city ever since though Dylan’s still never bought me a drink (not true, he did once).

Tony Bruce

Dylan’s TEFL course set me up with a job in Granada for the following six years, during which time I never met a more knowledgeable, effective or personable teacher.

Derek Dohren

Dylan was extremely enthusiastic and very supportive when I was training to be an EFL teacher. Dylan gave me excellent and thorough feedback and he also took the time to give me suggestions / recommendations about what to improve on.

Alfred Letley

Dylan was one of my teachers on a 4-week TEFL course in Granada. What I liked most about his lessons were the mingle activities and classroom games. We never had a boring lesson! He taught me how to motivate my students by using fun and practical activities, and also how to engage shy students. During the course we did observed teaching hours and afterwards there would be feedback sessions. I can remember his feedback to be straight to the point and constructive. He made you aware of yourself and helped you to further develop your teaching skills. I would recommend Dylan to anyone thinking of doing a TEFL course, he will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident in front of the class!

Miek Van Merrienboer

Dylan Gates is one of the finest teacher trainers I have had the pleasure to work with. His greatest skills include his teacher training skills in class, his people management skills, his organisation and also his materials creation skills. I recommend him for work on teacher training courses, especially initial teacher training for ELT, such as Trinity Cert TESOL, but also in-service training and materials writing.

Jason Anderson. Teacher Trainer and author of Role Plays for Today, Speaking Games, Teamwork, and Trinity CertTESOL Companion.